I caught this photo on my trip to Niagara Falls as well… I love this shot because both transportations aren’t from this generation. It feels like you’re in two different eras. I used a sepia tone filter to give an old look to it.


Dinosaurs take over Niagara

I went to Niagara Falls and Buffalo with my family last weekend, and I was so amazed with the dinosaurs they had in the mini-golf area beside the ferris wheel! ūüôā

Documentary Photography


I took this shot in Ellis Island, New York, United States. This shot was inspired by the documentary photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Before I took the shot, I didn’t notice the silhouette of the boy until I looked through the view finder of my camera. When I was done taking the photo, the boy ran off. It was perfect timing when I took this shot.

Birdcage fashion?

I took this photo of my cousin while we were trying dresses on in her room. I particularly love this shot because I didn’t expect¬†it shot at all. She bought a bird-cage-like-decoration for her room and just decided to put it on her head! She was just joking around, but I found it more unique than laughable.

Arizona Winter

This photo is of one of my favourite summer drinks- Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. I actually forgot I left it in my backyard, which I purchased a couple of days ago. I decided to buy this drink because I really miss summer during these winter days. The contrast between the spring/summer design of the bottle with the dead grass in the background, but with the sun still shining brightly makes me hopeful that spring and summer are almost here.

Some Inspiration

Hello  fellow bloggers/people reading this right now,

Check out this wonderful blog that has inspired me greatly: 

Her blog consists of mostly fashion photography and portraiture, but it’s so unique, and nothing that I’ve seen before. Some shots are so simple, yet I couldn’t even have thought of some of the pieces she comes up with. I hope to accomplish the same creativity she has expressed through her photographs.

Happy Leap Day!

There’s 366 days this year! With all my excitement, I decided to post a picture of my favourite memory from the last four years. I took this photo¬†in April 2011, on my trip to New York City.¬†Taking a break from the busy city, it was such a great moment watching the skyline from the other side of New York. ¬†